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자료: 어플리케이션 또는 표준 자료 (TP케이블)
카테고리 5의 1000BASE-T ?
카테고리 6의 1000BASE-TX
10GBASE-T 필드 테스트 요건
120 오옴 배선
균형잡힌 케이블을 위한 약어
ANSI/TIA Category 5e field testing requirements
ANSI/TIA Category 6 field testing requirements
ANSI/TIA Category 6A field testing requirements
모듈식 플러그 종단 링크(MPTL)에 대한 ANSI/TIA 카테고리 6A 필드 테스트 요구 사항
ANSI/TIA-1152; Twisted pair field testing standard
ANSI/TIA-568-C Cat 8 필드 테스트 사양
Cable ties / wraps
Category 5E (350 MHz)
Category 6e - It's not Category 6A
Category 8 Cabling Fact Sheet
Connector hardware testing
Consolidation Point (CP)
Copper Troubleshooting Guide
Differences between Wiring Codes T568A vs T568B (AT&T 258A)
How to Format DaVaR NetTest Reports into a Text File
How to Manually Merge Jobs on a DaVaR NetTest
I cannot import previously exported files after a Software upgrade
IEC 61935-1 Ed.4 Status
Importing an Entity in 8.3 NetTest Software
ISO/IEC 11801 에디션 2.2 클래스 I 필드 테스트 사양
ISO/IEC Class D field testing requirements
ISO/IEC Class E field testing requirements
ISO/IEC Class Ea field testing requirements
Large Number of NANI'S When Using SmartPro
MHz vs Mbits and Encoding
Number Lock on Laptop Keyboard is set to "On"
Number lock set to ON - DaVaR Laptops
Open FTS Threshold - DaVaR NetTest
Patch cord test limits do not match ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2
TCL - Tranverse conversion loss
Temperature and its affect on cabling
Terminating a Category 6, 5e and 5 connector
The DaVaR Toolbar Will Not Come Up
Verify Parameters - DaVaR NetTest
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