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LinkWare Live 사용의 장점

Maybe you have not heard how easy it is to use LinkWare Live to sync your results from the Versiv/TFS platform.

If you have a Fluke Networks Sign In account, you can use the same email address and password to log in to the LinkWare Live  Sign In page.

Get a LinkWare Live Account

If you do not have a LinkWare Live account, click on the link above and click New user Sign up Now.

  1. Enter the information for your account, then click CREATE ACCOUNT.
  2. Fluke Networks sends you an email with a LinkWare Live activation code.
  3. Open the email, copy the activation code, click the LinkWare Live activation link in the email,
  4. Paste the activation code into the box in the activation window, then click ACTIVATE.

The LinkWare Live Sign in page shows again. Enter your email address and the password, then click SIGN IN.

What are the advantages of using LinkWare Live?

SYNC your project--At the end of the testing day either using wired connection or WiFi adapter using your smartphone as a hotspot, and store your results in the cloud. The results may then be imported later from LinkWare Live to Linkware PC.  The test results will remain on the tester after the SYNC.  No need to transport the DSX back to the office to upload results.

Asset Tracking--See at a glance factory calibration status of test sets used in your projects and location of last SYNC.

Monitor the progress on projects--Log in on any desktop or mobile device and LinkWare Live lets you do these project management tasks

  • With a LinkWare Live Professional license, you can set up projects that your technicians can download to their Versiv/TFS platform
    testers in the field.
  • Assign Team Members to Projects in your Organization.
  • Enter administrative information for Projects, such as start and end dates, project description, and site address.
  • See summary and detailed views of test results. *Detailed reports are still only available in LinkWare PC.

Easily share project test results with Fluke Networks TAC when you open a support case.

Import results from Projects in LinkWare Live to LinkWare PC software back at the office.





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