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DSX CableAnalyzer를 이용한 110 IDC 블록 및 다른 IDC 스타일 테스트 (DSX-PLA001)

Update August 2019:  

Fluke Networks has worked in partnership with various cable manufacturers for years to produce a test methodology and adapter for certifying permanent link on a link including an IDC (110 block) connection. The IDC connection components that comprise the adapter are being obsoleted by cable manufacturers, and therefore Fluke Networks no longer offers the DSX-PLA001 adapter.  If you do not have DSX-PLA001 and you need to certify a link with an IDC connection, please consult the manufacturer of the IDC block for guidance on the proper test procedure.   

Always consult with the manufacturer of the connecting hardware to ensure that you certify the installation in agreement with their warranty requirements.

See Also:  Testing IDC (110) Block Connections with DSX CableAnalyzer

테스트 하고자 하는 설치의 배선 코드를 알고 있는 것이 중요합니다. RJ45 테스트 리드와 달리 IDC 모듈은 색상 코드에 따라 다릅니다. 카테고리 5e IDC 모듈을 테스트 하는 경우에는 일반적으로 DSP-PM10A 또는 DSP-PM10B를 사용합니다. (ADC/KRONE 제외) 카테고리 6 IDC 모듈을 테스트하는 경우 아래 목록을 검토하십시오(사진을 보려면 제조업체를 클릭).

DSX users with DSX-PLA004 or DSX-PLA804 link adapters will need to use a DSX-PLA001 in order to use these modules

(참고:  All DSP-PMxx personality modules below are not available in Europe due to RoHS non-compliance)



DSP-PM10A/DSP-PM10B: SYSTIMAX® 110 (Avaya/Lucent)


DSP-PM11A/DSP-PM11B: Belden (NORDX) GiGAbix


DSP-PM12B: Panduit GIGA-PUNCH  -  (DSP-PM12A는 더 이상 사용 가능하지 않음)


DSP-PM13A/DSP-PM13B: Siemon S210 & Hubbell






DSP-PM16A/DSP-PM16B: Leviton/HellermannTyton


DSP-PM17A/DSP-PM17B: Tyco/AMP 610 XC


DSP-PM19A/DSP-PM19B: SYSTIMAX® VisiPatch® 360

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