Registering your DSX CableAnalyzer

The first step in registering the DSX CableAnalyzer (Versiv) is obtaining the latest version of LinkWare PC Cable Test Management Software. You can click here to get it. The latest version is 10.7 and we recommend you load the standalone installer version. Downloading LinkWare PC will require a free MyAccount login. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one when you click on the download.

1. Once LinkWare PC 10.7 is installed, you will need to verify the firmware version on your Versiv (TFS) main and remote unit.

2. From the HOME screen, tap TOOLS Version Information. It should show Version 6.5 Build 5.

3. If it is not the current firmware, click here to learn how to update your Versiv (TFS).

4. If you have never connected the main and remote units together, go ahead and do that now ensuring the remote unit is switched on,

Now the main unit will know about (store) your remote unit and module(s) serial numbers.

Certifiber Pro/Optifiber Pro 모듈을 가지고 있는 경우, 메인 장치에 하나씩 차례로 삽입해서 이 모듈들도 기록되도록 합니다.

5. Connect the Versiv (TFS) to your PC via the supplied micro USB cable. (If this is the first time, allow the USB driver to install)

6. With LinkWare PC 10.7 open, wait a few seconds for the Product Registration window to appear:

If it does not appear, click on Help Product registration.

7. Click Sign in and Register and use your email address and password login. (The same information you used to download LinkWare, your MyAccount user name and password)

8. Once signed in, LinkWare should automatically register the connected products. If you bought the Bundled Gold Support, there should be a fourth colum stating your gold support is in process. At this point you can remove the Permanent Link Adapter and Channel adapter.

기타 모듈

If you have other modules that have been used with this main frame already, those serial numbers have already been logged into the internal memory of the main frame and will appear in the registration window above. The Versiv (TFS) main frame tracks internally any modules or remotes it is connected to.

What if I get an error “Registration Service is Unavailable” and registration does not work?

귀하 회사의 방화벽이 귀하의 PC와 당사 등록 서버 사이의 통신 경로를 차단하고 있을 수도 있습니다. 

귀하의 IT 그룹에 연락하여 아래 포트와 서버에 예외를 적용하도록 요청하십시오.  그 다음, 등록을 다시 시도합니다.


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