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ACR-N LinkWare에서 '해당 없음', 통과 못함 또는 실패 표시

In LinkWare, you may see ACR-N appear with N/A next to it rather than a PASS or FAIL. An example is shown below:
            LinkWare Not Available Result

If you are testing to any ANSI/TIA standard, you will always see N/A (Not Applicable) next to ACR-N since ACR-N is not a requirement in ANSI/TIA standards. It is however reported because many customers expect to see ACR-N on the test report. The limit line on the graph should ideally be black and not red; an enhancement request has been made to engineering.

ISO/IEC standards do require ACR-N. However, you may also see N/A appear if the Insertion Loss of the disturbed pair is less than 4 dB for the entire measurement frequency; often referred to as the 4 dB rule. It only applies to ISO/IEC Permanent Link testing and NOT Channel testing.

There is no corrective action for you to take. Your tester and LinkWare are following the standard you selected.

저자: A.Young

작성 날짜: 2014-2-25

마지막 수정: 2014-2-25

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