Fluke Networks 및 Planet Associates가 Planet IRM NexGen 및 LinkWare™ Live의 통합을 발표

2020년 9월 15일 / 워싱턴주 에버렛

Industry’s First “Network Map to Wiremap” Solution Gives Network Operations Teams Fast, Simple Access to Detailed Cable Plant Information

Today, Fluke Networks and Planet Associates announced the release of a comprehensive integration between LinkWare™ Live, the world’s leading cloud-connected online cable certification solution and Planet IRM, the next generation cloud-based, sophisticated Infrastructure Configuration Management Software.  The result is a single solution that can design, consolidate, aggregate and visualize an organization’s facilities, IT/Telecom, inside plant, outside plant, circuits, network assets and connectivity data.

Customers using the new Planet IRM software will now be able to access the LinkWare database by simply logging in.  Then, by just clicking on a cable link in the IRM CAD network map or data list, instant access is immediately provided to the cable test data.  IT operations and technical staff will now be able to use this critical data when troubleshooting or planning moves, adds, changes, or network expansion.  After creating their IT Infrastructure plan, designers using the Planet IRM software can now enable contractors to be more efficient and effective during the installation process by accessing the IRM data directly through LinkWare Live to set up testing and labeling plans.

Angelo Di Prospero, Network Solutions Divisional Manager at Black & McDonald Limited, an integrated, multi-trade service provider that safely delivers high quality construction, facilities management, and technical solutions as well as a long-time partner and user of Planet IRM and Linkware Live software stated, “The Integration of LinkWare Live with Planet IRM is strategically important and fully supports our commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs through implementation of the latest innovative and cost effective solutions.”

“The Planet IRM solution integration with LinkWare Live now enables our customers to have a complete overview of their entire IT Infrastructure and enhances the critical workflow of new projects and day-to-day facility moves, adds and changes.  It will also be available to and an important part of the Planet IRM integration with the BMC Remedy ITSM/Help Desk solution streamlining overall IT infrastructure operations”, stated Bill Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, President and Founder of Planet IRM.  “Adding detailed cabling and circuit test information to existing inside and outside cable plant, data center, desktop, circuit, and IT asset management data is the logical next step.”

“While our LinkWare platform is the de facto standard for storing and reporting test results, customers have been asking for a way to integrate that information with the rest of IT infrastructure”, said Mark Mullins, Marketing Manager and Founding Member of Fluke Networks.  “We’re proud to finally deliver the industry’s first ‘Network Map to Wiremap’ solution.”

The Planet IRM Solution is available directly from Planet Associates at www.planetirm.com.  LinkWare Live is a free offering from Fluke Networks and can be accessed at www.linkwarelive.com.


About Planet Associates

Planet IRM NexGen is Planet Associates next generation SaaS cloud based comprehensive Infrastructure Configuration Management Software that consolidates, aggregates and visualizes an organization’s facilities, IT/Telecom, network assets and connectivity data in one data repository all available in a web browser.  Planet IRM NexGen incorporates CAD, Inside Plant, Outside Plant, WAN, Data Center (DCIM), Cable, Space, and Circuit Management in one repository, providing the oversight necessary to maintain critical operations. Planet IRM NexGen brings together data normally kept in disparate spreadsheets, CAD, and home-grown database files and point solutions to create a complete visualization of an enterprise infrastructure and IT network environment.  Software is available in both SaaS and On-Premises containerized versions. For more information, call 1-201-693-8700 or visit www.planetirm.com


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