Fluke Networks, Anixter의 유틸리티 등급 인프라에 대한 인증 지원 발표

2019년 12월 2일 / 워싱턴주 에버렛

New test limits for the DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series allows Anixter Partner Installers to certify performance of smart building infrastructure layer to maximize ROI and enhance user experience.

Today, Fluke Networks announced availability of testing capabilities to support Anixter’s Utility Grade (UTG) Infrastructure, a new technology platform, assurance program and design approach that redefines the infrastructure layer to support building subsystems, technologies and applications.  The new test limits allow users of the DSX CableAnalyzer Series to certify the performance of installed cabling infrastructure to qualify for Anixter’s ten- and twenty-year UTG warranties.

Developed with leading network infrastructure manufacturers Belden, CommScope, and Fluke Networks, and third-party tested and verified by UL, Anixter’s UTG program offers UTG-rated cabling solutions and provides the foundation that will unlock the potential of the next generation of buildings to maximize ROI and enhance user experience.   UTG Cabling provides interoperable and future-ready solutions that exceed current standards of category rated cabling, including extended transmission distances, higher bandwidth capabilities, 4k streaming, increased bundling sizes for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications and support for next-generation Wi-Fi.

“Connectivity issues impact employee productivity, business profitability and user experience, and these variables are some of the key factors in attracting premium tenants and employees,” says Bill Geary, executive vice president, Network & Security Solutions at Anixter. “The UTG program maximizes connectivity performance from design to manufacture, certification and support. We turned to Fluke Networks for certification because they offer the support and solutions to make our UTG installers successful: legendary quality and worldwide 24-7 support, backed up by a team with hundreds of years of cabling experience.”

“The DSX CableAnalyzer Series was designed to increase installer efficiency, with fast test times, an advanced gesture-based interface and a built-in system for tracking both copper and fiber jobs.”, stated Mark Mullins, Global Communications Manager and Founding Member of Fluke Networks. “It also integrates with our LinkWare Live platform, where, each month, contractors manage, track and upload more than one million new test results. Installers utilizing our solutions report a 65% reduction in certification costs.”

가용성: The software update is available exclusively through Anixter and available only to UTG Certified Integrators.  For more information, contact your Anixter Channel Sales Representative or visit https://www.anixter.com/solutions/utg/certification.

More information about the UTG support for the DSX CableAnalyzer Series can be found at www.flukenetworks.com/UTG.  More information about UTG products and solutions can be found at anixter.com/utg.

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