Fluke Networks, GamEchanger™ 케이블 테스팅 지원 발표

2018년 11월 12일 / EVERETT, Wash. and UNION, N.J., 2018년 11월 12일

The new Paige Datacom cabling solution can now be certified for extended reach applications

Fluke Networks and Paige DataCom today announced that the Fluke DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series, the industry’s leading cabling certification platform, now supports performance testing of Paige’s GameChanger™ cable. GameChanger is designed to significantly exceed the reach of traditional category cable and has been recently verified by UL to deliver 1 Gbps performance and PoE+ over 200 meters.

“We’re excited that Fluke Networks is bringing this world-class testing and certification capability to GameChanger cable,” says David Coleman, VP of business development for Paige Electric Co., LP. “Installers can quickly and accurately acquire a certified test result, along with assurance that the GameChanger cable is performing as expected.

“It is not possible to test extended length channels filled with repeaters and transceivers. We believe this will finally provide a means to certify extended length channels for documentation and compliance purposes, Coleman added.” Reports from the DSX CableAnalyzer can be used to certify performance of the installed cabling and to qualify for Paige’s 25-year warranty.

The test, which takes under 11 seconds, is available on all Fluke DSX models as part of version 6.0 or higher of the DSX CableAnalyzer Series software. Customers with older DSX Series products can obtain the latest version at no charge by visiting www.flukenetworks.com/support/downloads. Support is also currently available in Fluke Networks’ LinkWare™ Live certification management service, which reduces errors through remote programming of the testers and cuts reporting time with uploading of results over Wi-Fi and one-click certification reporting.

The GameChanger cable from Paige is designed to be an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to take your networking infrastructure well beyond the 100 meter limit. It can eliminate intermediate IDF requirements and the need to install repeaters or transceivers, which are costly and introduce additional points of failure.                                        

“As the industry leader, we always look to work with companies who are making big strides in advancing networking technology,” said Harley Lang (RCDD), Marketing Director for Fluke Networks. “Fluke Networks stands ready to support manufacturers like Paige Datacom when they introduce innovative and exciting new products, like GameChanger cable.”

Fluke Networks에 대하여

Fluke Networks는 중요한 네트워크 배선 인프라의 설치 및 정비를 하는 전문가를 위한 인증, 문제 해결 및 설치 도구 분야에서 세계적인 선도 기업입니다. 최고급 데이터 센터를 위한 설치부터 혹독한 기후 하의 복구 서비스에 이르기까지, 당사의 전설적 신뢰성 및 독보적 성과의 결합은 고객의 모든 작업이 효율적으로 달성되는 것을 보장합니다. 기업의 주력 제품은 현재까지 1,400백만 이상의 결과가 업로드된 혁신적인 세계 제일의 클라우드 연결 케이블 인증 솔루션인 LinkWare™ Live를 포함하고 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 전화 1-800-283-5853 (미국, 캐나다), 1-425-446-5500 (기타 국가)로 문의하시거나 www.flukenetworks.com에서 확인하십시오.

About Paige

Since 1958 Paige has been connecting you to more.  Serving over 10,000 customers from 10 offices across the globe, Paige manufactures and distributes a diversified set of electrical and electronic wire, connectorized cable and accessories to the Agriculture, Asset Protection, DataCom, Illuminated Sign, Industrial OEM, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting and Submersible Pump markets.  Paige is employee owned, has over 200 employees and is globally headquartered in Union, NJ.  For more information please visit www.paigeelectric.com