Fluke Networks의 Seymour Goldstein이 TIA Star Awards에서 최고 5퍼센트 기여자로 선정되었습니다.

2022년 3월 31일 / 워싱턴주 에버렛

New awards recognize and celebrate contributions made to TIA and the information and communications technology industry

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) — the trusted industry association for the connected world — has recognized Seymour Goldstein, engineering fellow/principal engineer in the Advanced Development Group at Fluke Networks, in its TIA Star Awards. The awards recognize TIA’s most active companies and individuals for their contributions to the advancement of TIA and industry objectives and initiatives. TIA recognized Goldstein as being in the top 5% of individual TIA participants regarding engagement, leadership, and contribution across all TIA committees.

“Seymour was the very first employee at Fluke Networks’ Fiber Optics Center of Excellence in Austin and has led the way in developing the company’s fiber optics technologies,” said Mark Mullins, product marketing manager and founding member of Fluke Networks. “Beyond his considerable technical skills and achievements, he is also a great leader and mentor to other engineers as well as a renowned expert in the field of fiber optics. His recognition by TIA with the Star Award is well deserved.”

Seymour Goldstein is a globally recognized expert on test and measurement for fiber optic communication cabling. He has more than 40 years of experience in fiber optic test equipment and systems research, calibration, and product development, and is an international public speaker on fiber optic test and measurement, inspection, materials, and instruments. He has been granted 11 U.S. patents related to fiber optic test equipment, has authored more than 100 technical articles, engineering papers, and reports on measurement methods. He was also the 2019 recipient of the prestigious IEC 1906 Award for recognition of his outstanding and sustained achievements in global standardization. Seymour has been an engineer at Fluke Networks since 2000.

“We are grateful for the important contributions of TIA’s most engaged members, like Seymour Goldstein from Fluke Networks, who provide substantial time and expertise to benefit the entire industry,” said Tom McGarry, vice president of standards at TIA. “We launched the Star Awards to recognize those certain individuals and companies who go above and beyond in contributing to TIA initiatives that help advance our industry.”

TIA Star Awards

In 2021, TIA launched an initiative to recognize and celebrate the contributions made to advancing TIA and the ICT industry by its member and participant companies and individual volunteers. With an automated system that measures member and participant company and individual engagement in TIA initiatives such as standards development, technology programs, and government advocacy, TIA counts the total points accumulated at the end of the year to determine the winners and top performers.

The TIA Star Awards recognize the extraordinary efforts made by TIA members and participants for the most engaged individual and company as well as the top 2% and top 5% performers in each category.

Fluke Networks에 대하여

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