Rockwell Automation and Fluke Networks Team Up to Launch New Guidelines for Industrial Ethernet Testing

2020년 9월 21일 / 워싱턴주 에버렛

Comprehensive Guide Now Available for Designers, Integrators, and Installers

Today, Fluke Networks and Rockwell Automation announced the release of a new Guide for industrial systems integrators, outlining a comprehensive approach to reduce start-up and operational problems related to copper and fiber cabling.  The free Guide allows these integrators to deliver more reliable customer solutions.

“Independent research has shown that most Industrial Ethernet failures are the result of cabling problems”, stated Harvey Trager, Industrial Product Manager at Fluke Networks.  “By testing the cabling during the startup process, many of these problems can be avoided.”

The Guide pairs the expertise in industrial automations at Rockwell Automation with that in cable testing at Fluke Networks and provides detailed instructions on testing methodologies for both copper and fiber Industrial Ethernet cabling. 

“These testing guidelines are based on decades of experience in real-world application of Ethernet/IP technologies by both Rockwell and Fluke Networks”, added Mr. Trager.  “By understanding and implementing them, integrators can assure their installations will have a faster startup and more reliable operation.”

Two versions of the Guide are available.  A generic version can be downloaded at, while a version featuring additional information relevant to Ethernet/IP installations is available exclusively to Rockwell Automation partners

from their Rockwell Automation Connected Services Business Development Leader.


Fluke Networks에 대하여

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