SmartLoop Technology Just Got Smarter and Faster

2016년 4월 14일 / General

계층 2 (OTDR) 테스트의 양-방향 광케이블 링크 테스트는 산업 표준 및 대부분 제조업체의 보증 요구 사항일 뿐만 아니라, 링크에 대한 실제 전체 손실을 알 수 있는 유일한 방법입니다. 전반적인 링크 손실뿐만 아니라 광케이블 커넥터 및 스플라이스의 손실을 측정하는 것은 테스트 방향에 따라 달라집니다. Testing a fiber link in one direction can give you different results then testing the same fiber link in the opposite direction.  

Testing Fiber with OptiFiber ProOTDR’s loss results are inferred and not actual loss measurements. OTDRs infer  loss based on changes in backscatter and assume that it's the same throughout the link. But that's not always the case. If an attached fiber has less backscatter or more backscatter, the OTDR reports either more loss or less loss. That's why the bi-directional OTDR testing or testing from both ends of the link and averaging the results is required.

양쪽 끝에서 테스트하는 것은 상당한 시간과 비용이 요구되므로, 기술자는 종종 다른 쪽 끝으로 이동하기 전에 한쪽 끝에서 모든 링크를 테스트하여 가능한 많은 시간을 절약하려고 합니다. 불행히도 이 방법은 듣지 않습니다. To accurately test a fiber link  in both directions, the launch and tail cords must remain in their initial measurement positions (even the standards say so) during both tests. 하지만 다른 끝으로 이동하기 전에 한쪽 끝에서 모든 링크를 테스트하는 경우 이것은 불가능합니다.

Bi-Directional Testing with OptiFiber ProTo solve this dilemma, you can test two fibers at the same time and use a loop  to connect the two fibers together. 먼 끝으로 OTDR을 이동하지 않고 한 번에 이중 링크의 두 광케이블을 테스트할 수 있습니다. OTDRs like Fluke Networks’ OptiFiber® Pro feature  “SmartLoop” Technology that checks for the presence of the launch, loop and tail fiber when testing a duplex fiber link.

SmartLoop를 통해, 기술자는 먼 끝에 여러 루프를 구축하고 가까운 끝을 떠나지 않은 상태에서 일련의 양방향 테스트를 수행함으로써 테스트 시간을 적어도 50% 줄일 수 있습니다.

But wait! SmartLoop just got smarter... and faster.

Versiv 키트 구성 가이드

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Versiv 키트 구성 가이드

New Instantons Bi-directional Averaging

When performing bi-directional testing, there is still the need to average the two results from both directions--whether using a time savings loop or not. Since its inception, Fluke Networks' SmartLoop technology has enabled downloading the measurements taken from both ends to LinkWare PC management software that performs the bi-directional averaging for each link and provides a final averaged result. While this removes the risk of human error involved with manual bi-directional averaging, it is still an extra step required to get the final result. But not anymore.

Unlike other testers on the market that require using either two OTDRs, , or purchasing an additional option, the OptiFiber Pro now includes on-board bidirectional averaging for that cuts Tier 2 testing time even more!  (If you have an existing OptiFiber® Pro, you can download the free Version 4.6 Build 2 Firmware here..)

No longer does a technician have to download the results to a PC to get the bi-directional average and final result for the link--the results are instantly averaged right on the tester. Technicians now know if a fiber link passes or fails right when they're done with the bidirectional testing.  You can see a video of how it works here..

With constant pressure to get the job done quicker and done right the first time for maximum profitability, it's good to know that SmartLoop just got smarter.