Introducing the Versiv Family Yearbook: Class of 2014

2014년 5월 23일 / General

For most structured cabling professionals, the days of nostalgically flipping through the pages of a school yearbook have passed. But Fluke Networks has introduced the next best thing – The Versiv Family Yearbook: Class of 2014.

Highlighting one-of-a-kind stories from networking professionals around the world, the Versiv Family Yearbook takes a look back at the Versiv chronicles of 2014 with video case studies, detailing full-fleet deployments of the family of certification testers.

This year’s class (so far) includes:
 C-Link Cable and Construction: A structured cabling company that provides voice, data, fiber, security camera, and access control services to hospitals, school districts, general offices, attorney’s offices and more in Pearland, TX.
 Redstone: A leading IT infrastructure, data center, and smart building solutions company based in the United Kingdom.
 Lantrovision: A structured cabling and IT network installation company located throughout Asia.

Each story is unique, but one thing is clear: the Versiv family of cabling certification testers have provided business advantage, cost savings and faster payments for cabling businesses worldwide. The future-ready design supports copper certification, fiber loss and OTDR testing and hardware upgrades—accelerating every step of the certification process.

Across each of the stories featured in the Versiv yearbook, cable installers and business owners leverage the Versiv ProjX™ management system to simplify the complexity of installation for each user. 팀 리더가 여러 작업과 매체에 걸쳐 작동하도록 테스트 파라미터를 설정할 수 있을 뿐 아니라 이 시스템에서 기술자는 전체 작업에 일관된 테스트 파라미터를 포착하고 테스터에 저장된 프로젝트를 간단히 클릭하여 작업을 전환할 수 있어 프로젝트 계획과 셋업 속도가 빨라집니다. The management system also allows up-to-the-minute project analysis and oversight to help speed certification and reporting. 테스트 과정에서 문제가 발생하는 경우, 기술자는 “나중에 해결”이라는 문제 해결 목록을 만들어 나중에 더 숙련된 설치 작업자가 검토하도록 할 수 있습니다. The features of ProjX™ help cable installers and business owners better track multiple jobs, leading to faster systems acceptance—and faster payment from clients.

The Versiv family of cable certification testers has changed the game for cabling business owners.  Click here to see the full 2014 yearbook and watch video case studies  from the members of this year’s class.

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